Thursday, 22 July 2010

Single Reviews: Foals - Miami

Foals are an indie quintet hailing from Oxford. Their first album "Antidotes" gained them considerable attention for their use of skittery rhythms and jolty guitars. Their new release "Total Life Forever", added a new heartfelt perspective to their inimitable sound.
"Miami" was declared by Yannis as Foals' "Hip Hop" record, and this is obvious from the outset. The heavy kickdrum in the intro already recalls images of countless Californian hip hop montages, the guitar riff is uncomplicated and enhances the already laid back nature of the song and the bass is funky, and wouldn't sound out of place blasting out of a low rider (which it coincidentally does in the video, accompanied by transvestites and blue dust, but thats for a different segment!). Yannis' vocals sail on the melody, and the lyrics completely encapsulate the fickleness of teenage love and lust (I'll never love you, more than today.)
This is already becoming one of my anthems for the summer, and is definitely one of my favourite tracks from the album. Luke Smith (producer, formerly of Clor) has allowed Foals' sound to expand and they are better for this. They sound more natural: gone is the robot like precision of "Antidotes", but in its place is heart, which the last album lacked. With a mercury prize nomination already under their belt, it looks like it is going to be Foals' perfect summer.

9/10 - Single of the Week

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