Saturday, 17 July 2010

Underworld + Kele - iTunes Festival

I went to this gig with average expectations and after waiting around in a cage for 2 hours my expectations were significantly lowered... However, after this ridiculous procedure the night became a lot more interesting. Kele's set officially showed the world that he can still make danceable, interesting music whilst not being in Bloc Party. His new songs were impressive, and slickly played, but the audience really reacted to the Bloc Party medley midway, and the euphoric "Tenderoni"... Sadly though his set was cut short because of the Underworld set, which was a shame as it was getting really good.. Now the Underworld set was difficult to review, as the only song I know by them is "Born Slippy .nuxx", and to be honest this was the song I waited for all night. The other songs weren't bad, but it showed that they had not progressed musically since their peak in the 90's. All in all they were musically proficient, but the content was lacking. Maybe if it was 1995 I would have reacted differently. It was an interesting gig, but I dont't think I would pay to see Underworld though. Kele - 8/10 Underworld - 6/10

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