Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Album Review: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Arcade Fire are a septet hailing from montreal, but if you are reading this you definitely knew that.
When I first picked up The Suburbs from Rough Trade, I had read countless reviews of the album, from countless magazines/websites. Although Funeral and Neon Bible are beautiful, and majestic albums I still dismissed the reviews as being hype. How wrong I was. The Suburbs is a mesmerizing album that leaves the listener in awe after every track: each song is magical for different reasons. Win Butler has mastered the construction of a near perfect album. Where other artists fail in their attempt to make a great album, Butler has managed to make three exceptional albums seemingly easily. He puts songs from different ends of the musical spectrum together, and somehow they fit like a jigsaw. For example, Month of May (a driving, pulsating anthem) makes way for Wasted Hours (a slow, heart on sleeve ballad) and yet they seem like they were made for each other.
Each of the albums are different, yet they all bear the Arcade Fire imprint; they have evolved, yet they still retain the charm and honesty that made Funeral such an enduring album. They have fused together the grand arrangements of Neon Bible and the intense songwriting of Funeral to create a magnificent album. Usually, when this is attempted by even the most professional of bands, the result is never as good as its parts. But ,what am I saying, Arcade Fire are not a professional band; they are a band of the people, for the people and this is their magnum opus.

10/10 Album of the week/month/possibly year

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