Friday, 13 August 2010

Album Review: Wavves - King of the Beach

Previously, I only gave this album a number out of ten because I had only just started up (restarted). I have been listening to the album more regularly, so I thought it would only be fair to give the album a proper review. So, here we go.

After Primavera, the Pitchfork reading consensus 'decreed' that the hype-honeymoon was over, and the musical-marriage was probably over too. However, Nathan Williams (being the stoner fighter that he is, just ask Jared Swilley) kicked out against the detractors (just ask Jared Swilley, again) , and decided to restart his short career with a new album. Accompanied by the late Jay Reatard's backing band, and ditching GarageBand, Williams has made an album to prove the haters wrong. Kicking off with the title track 'King of the Beach', Williams wants everybody to know early on that 'You're never gonna stop me'. The track is brimming with energy, teenage angst combined with a melody Brian Wilson would be proud of. Not to offend Williams, but this is definitely the highlight track of the album; although, there are some other great moments too. The incredibly likeable 'Super Soaker' and 'Take on the World', show that he has not lost his ability to write hooks similar to those that made the lo-fi "Wavvves' so glorious. 'Green Eyes' and 'Idiot' are raging anthems that show that  presnet Williams as smarter and more aware than the average surfer-stoner, and 'Baseball Cards', shows us that Williams can write spaced out music of the same calibre as AnCo. The album mostly excels , but at times can be tedious. For example; 'Mickey Mouse', starts with a really intriguing sound, but doesn't build to anything, and the 'Convertible Balloon', just really annoys me. All in all the album is impressive and the songs are expertly written.

From a guy who was almost killed by the hype machine, just as quickly as he was brought to life by it, this is a very good album, and deserves to be in anybody's record collection.


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