Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Live: Sleigh Bells @ Rough Trade East

"sixteen six six six like the pentagon".

The night started with a siren, military roll call, and ear piercing death metal: I knew I was going to enjoy this. Derek (guitarist, ex-poisoner of wells) and Alexis (singer, good girl-gone bad) came on to Slayer's South of Heaven. This was the most incredible entrance I have ever witnessed; the track was so loud that the sound quality deteriorated (much like their music), yet it was still fantastic. Then they broke into Tell 'Em; this was going to be an intense, yet special night. She had so much energy: she got the hipsters dancing, and she really broke down the fourth wall that too often exists at Rough Trade Instores. The definite highlights were; 1) her incredible ability to control the pitch of her deafening shriek 2) Infinity Guitars 3) and CROWN ON THE GROUND!!!!

I expect that Alexis connects with whatever crowd she plays to, but during that gig I think she definitely made a brief, but poignant union of noise and exhillaration with the audience. No matter what anybody else says; louder is ALWAYS better.


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