Sunday, 8 August 2010

Weezer: go to an island in the sun, and stay there

Wow, this post is a pivotal point in my life: I am going to stop trying with Weezer: Say it ain't so? (Sorry.) After listening to their latest song 'Memories', I can safely say (my cousin will back me up) that I have no time for post-Pinkerton Weezer. I always thought that they had a shred of credibility left in there; I still believed that Rivers Cuomo still had the spark that made Pinkerton and The Blue Album such iconic albums; I constantly assured myself that he was saving this for a 4 disc lp extravaganza featuring all of his ideas thrown in (wishful thinking?), yet the output after his sophomore album was (and is) a major decline from his previous works, that has not stopped (and I doubt will ever stop.) When I finally saw the artwork for their latest album 'Hurley' (see fat guy above), I gave up. When your once favourite band starts to make 'Lost' references; thats when you know it's over.

You can listen to Memories here if you really want, but I wouldn't bother; there's plenty of better music.

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