Friday, 1 October 2010

Number 46: Shrek 3

Jesus H. Christ. Why Dreamworks? Why? You had a good thing going: you signed Eels, helped make Gladiator (when Russell Crowe wasn't a drunken douchebag), helped make Chicken Run (when Mel Gibson wasn't a drunken, wife beating, racist douchebag) AANNNDDD you made Shrek.

Ahhh Shrek... I remember that film: jive talkin' animals and as many adult references as The Simpsons, but in CGI!


Yet, for some reason, the writers thought: "Shrek 1 was great! Shrek 2 was alright! Now lets destroy the franchise spectacularly!" And they did....

Pretty much: king dying, ogre in line for throne, wacky shit happens, happily ever after.


You may be thinkin' "That doesn't sound so bad, I love wacky shiiit!"

I got news for you: Justin Timberlake's in it. He's not an actor, he's barely a man ( no disrespect, I don't mean no harm!) And when has he ever been wacky?


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