Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Twin Shadow - Forget

I'm gonna keep it brief; I'm tired. So, I'm gonna do a quickie..... review.

Twin Shadow is an artist with a shady history.  He is weird, odd, strange, crazy and the ultimate 21st century genius.

Forget is the debut album from Mr. Shadow, and it's an eighties affair. I know that you might be thinking "everyone's doing eighties: it's been bled dry," well, you could not be more wrong. Twin-dawg puts a fresh spin on the classic eighties sound, and produces music that is instantly likeable and rewarding with each listen. There are snippets of true brilliance at each turn, and the song constructions are amazing. His debut is something to be proud of, and if not with this album, then with his next he will soar.

Key tracks: Shooting Holes, Castles in the Snow and Slow.

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