Thursday, 30 December 2010

16: Wavves - King of the Beach


'King of the Beach' definitely wins the award for best opening, and title track. It's so in your face, yet so easy to sing-a-long to that it's just perfectly timed. Wavves were expected to fail with this album, as primavera wasn't exactly the party that everyone was expecting , and Williams was planning to ditch Garageband (the one thing that separated him from the rest) and go into the studio. Howevver (stupid sic), people failed to realise that he would be taking a garage legend's backing band there with him, AKA Jay Reatard's (RIP). The result was a fully formed album of instant classics. From 'Post Acid', to 'Idiot', Nathan Williams showed the world that he could make good on his promise. King of the Beach is gnarly in the most respectable way.

Key tracks: King of the Beach, Take on the World, Green Eyes

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