Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bombay Bicycle Club w/ Trophy Wife and Flashguns @ The Troxy

This was the first time I had ever been to the Troxy, and it was fantastic! The layout is very 'art-deco',  the staff are very friendly and the stage itself seems very personal.

The lead singer of the first act (Flashguns) displayed a huge amount of hubris, and bravado, but when you have tunes that good, and such obvious onstage chemistry it can be easily forgiven. They sound very much like Kings of Leon before they sold their souls on Highway Sixty-Sony, and they're as bouncy as Vampire Weekend. This is an obvious winning formula, and I am sure that 2011 will bring them huge amounts of success.

Trophy Wife were a very different affair. Although they were hotly tipped, technically proficient musicians, and able to craft poppy, punchy hooks, they seemed to lack any kind of soul. It seemed like there was almost no passion behind the notes that they were playing. No doubt, however, they'll probably be very, very popular amongst the hipster crowd.

Now, finally, the final and most important act of the night: Bombay Bicycle Club. Following on from their final acoustic performance of the tour at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (Royal Festival Hall), this was BBC returning to their angular, gang of four-esque post punk roots. The set started with a slightly underwhelming 'Dust on the Ground', but soon after, the boys reached their standard level of live intensity and showmanship (which, frankly, is very high). The only other point in which I was left disappointed was the performance of 'Always Like This'. The bass was far too low in the mix, and the ending was completely anti-climatic, which was a shame as it is a fabulously crafted song. Some of the highlights include: the mesmeric segue from The Giantess, into Emergency Contraception Blues, Cancel on Me, and the instantly familiar riff of Magnet. They might have created a beautiful acoustic album, but this performance shows that they are more at home, and (honestly) better at laying down arty riffs, tight drumming, smooth bass-work and squealing, strangely sexy vocals.

Flashguns: 7/10

Trophy Wife: 6/10

Bombay Bicycle Club: 8/10

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