Friday, 24 December 2010

Overheard Train Conversation

First woman: "I hate Cher (in reference to X Factor) she's such a whore, I don't know what Cheryl saw in her,"

Second Woman: "Omg yeah",

"Rebecca was great, but Cheryl gave her terrible songs. I reckon it's racism..."

"Totally, like that guy from last year,"

"Yeah, that guy. God, X Factor hate black people."

Later on....

"Omg Jordan's said she's not gonna stay with him (Alex Reid) for Christmas,"

"I reckon she hasn't got over her first,"

"Ye, Ye,"

"An' Peter Andre posin' with Kerry (Katona), what's that about? They ain't a couple,"


Later on....

"Omg, there's this new program where Heidi (Montag) shows everyone the botched jobs, and all dem scars on her body and her nose: it's horrible."

"Aww, she used to be well pretty, bet it's for p-ublicit-ay..."


"Yeah, like one time she wanted, like, 10 jobs but they said no: so she went to a dody 'un,"

"Wait, but I swear Spencer has his own business?"

"No money."

Later on....

"God, don't you really hate it when people really smell, but like clinically smell bad? It's rank.."


"Omg yeah."

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