Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12: Das Racist - Shut Up, Dude/ Sit Down, Man

HAHAHAHA, jk? No, they are genuinely good! They may seem like they're on the back of the pseudo-rap-spoof train, but as lyricists go they are pretty decent (and as cartoonists as well, they even beat a New Yorker cartoonist in a 'cartoon-off'.)

They really flex their hip-hop muscles on: "Rapping 2 U" by using an inventive eastern sample, and on 'Shorty Said"(joy through repetition!). But it's mostly on "You Can Sell Anything" that they really show that they can compete in the hip-hop game (it may help that they have a shit-hot beat from shit-hot beatmaker: Diplo). The dancehall whistle, the heavy bass, and the ominous kick-drum really push the song into the light, and the relevant, yet not 'in-your-face' lyrics make the track completely stand out.


Key Tracks: Rapping 2 U, Shorty Said, You Can Sell Anything, HAHAHA, jk?, WHO'S THAT BROOWWN! 

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